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Great Youtube Video on the Bradshaws "Then and Now"

28 June 2015 - 06:41 PM

Hey Guys,


  I seen this video some time ago, but another member posted it on another forum.  Great "Then and Now" on the Bradshaw Mountains.  I have been to most of these locations and looking at the video you would never know all that stuff was there at one time.  



Thanks Sharlot Hall Museum for the video. 

Minelab Ferrite Tubes available for my GPZ 7000 Customers if Needed

23 June 2015 - 04:09 PM

Hello All,


   There has been a lot of talk about Ground Balancing with the Ferrite tube on mineralized ground.  I was finally able to get some in for my customers that purchased Minelab GPZ 7000's.  If you're one of my customers, these Ferrite Tubes are free of charge and I will send you one out.  The Ferrite Tube comes with a short instruction sheet on how to properly balance over the Ferrite.  


Here is a picture of the Ferrite Tube Package.  


Attached File  Ferrite (640x480).jpg   183.02KB   1 downloads


I also recommend you visit this Minelab page to read the article JP posted on "Ground Balancing the GPZ 7000" 







Thanks Jim Straight - Received Richard Doherty's First Newsletter

22 June 2015 - 08:25 PM

Hello All,


   I have to send a big "Thank You" out to Jim Straight.  He is my long-time mentor when it comes to searching for gold and gold geology.  During my early years of studying Economic Geology, Jim was a huge help beyond searching for gold.  That all being said, this is what the thread is really about below -


Back in the early 90's I spent majority of my time dredging the major drainages of Arizona with fair success.  I worked my butt off and might have got a Gram or so a day behind a 4-inch Gold King Dredge with Dual 5hp motors.  Weekend after weekend I was hammering it, making holes large enough to sink full sized pickup trucks.  Many of my dredge holes were 5-8 foot wide, various depth to bedrock and many yards long.  All that hard work, majority of the gold was small flakes and fines with maybe an occasional small gold nugget.  


One weekend I decided to take my Tesoro Lobo up into the Bradshaw's as I heard about decent sized nuggets being found.  I might of has the patience to detect for an hour, digging everything but gold nuggets with the Lobo.  I was frustrated to say the least, but would attempt it from time to time, but managed to always go back to the dredge nozzle.  


That weekend I remember seeing a "Metal Detecting" sign along a store in Rock Springs, Arizona, so I thought it was worth taking a look.  I walked into this small store and browsed around.  There was a glass display and behind it was hundreds gold nuggets from the size of a piece of rice to pretty decent pieces.  The guy running the store (Richard Doherty) introduced himself and was very pleasant.  I asked him about the nuggets and he said he found all of them in the hills within 10 minutes away.  I couldn't believe it, I worked for months and might have found one or two of those pieces, so I knew I had to learn to master metal detecting.  


Richard, not only took me under his wing, but taught me over the course of several years how to become a very successful nuggetshooter.  I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing now without Richard's help.  He is a true inspiration, master metal detectorist and the best instructor one could ask for.  


As life takes its toll on people, Richard had financial issues and family health issues that drove him to depression.  It was very sad, as Richard was one of the more intelligent people I have ever met, besides all the other great qualities.  Richard and I talked a bunch during these times and he would even start crying.  One weekend he was so down and out, it took several hours of talking about metal detecting and old times together with friends to bring his spirits back up.  Towards the end of our talk, we both talked about writing a newsletter, which he once done in the past.  He said the newsletter he wrote was a big hit and really drove a lot of guys to the shop.  He met hundreds of new friends from the newsletter and it seemed to really help new guys learn about the wonderful hobby of metal detecting for gold.  Before I left, we both had a plan to really get some ideas and articles together for this new project we had planned.  I was excited, as I knew working with Richard would help both of us and the hobby.  


Unfortunately, a few days later I received tragic news that Richard took his own life.  It about crushed me, as when I left that weekend I really felt he was in a positive place and it was going to get better.  I don't know what was on Richard's mind, but I think about him all the time when I'm out swinging.  I still hear his voice in my head at times and hunt some of the same places we hunted together.  I can picture Richard on the hill above me and places I knew he sat and observed me detect.  


The Legend of Richard Doherty will always live as long as I and a few others are swinging our sticks out there.  


Now we fast forward many years and I receive a package from Jim Straight.  Low and Behold, it's Richards "First Newsletter, Volume 1, edition 1" from the early 90's.  It was hard to read the newsletter, as there are several articles from Richard in the newsletter and it was written with the same passion as when I first met him.  


Richard, I'm writing this in hopes that where ever you might be roaming, you will know that guys like myself will never forget what you taught us!  Even though we never got to write the newsletter, I promise to pass on what I learned to guys that really want to learn.  


Thanks you Jim for the newsletter.  God bless both you guys, you both are my mentors and best friends.  

More CT 14-inch Mono "Elite's" on the way - Call to Hold One

22 June 2015 - 07:51 PM

Hello All,


   The new Coiltek 14-inch Round Mono Camo "Elite's" are getting excellent results on the goldfields.  I have another smaller shipment heading my direction, should have within a few days.  If you're looking for one of these coils, please make sure you call so I can hold one for you.  I won't have them more than a few days after they arrive, a few are on hold already.  


Information from Coiltek Manufacture's website on the new coil - http://www.coiltekma.../14_mono_elite/


Order directly from my online store here - http://www.robsdetec...mono-searchcoil


Call us at 623.362.1459



Father's Day Nuggets with the GPZ 7000

21 June 2015 - 10:34 AM

Hello All,


   Yep, I did a Father's Day hunt early this morning, left the house at 2:30am.  :o   I was on the placers at 4:30am waiting for a bit more light to start hiking.  Worked for about 4 hours, dug about 25 pieces of iron rubbish, a few lead bullets and 6 gold nuggets for 3.1 Grams of gold.  The gold has really nice character to it, hasn't traveled too far from the source.  


Attached File  Fathersday (640x480).jpg   205.62KB   1 downloads


Pops and I are going to meet up for a Father's Day Lunch.  Just had to get the edge off and detecting a few nuggets always seems to work for me.  


It's still out there!