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Thoughts on Gold Nuggets left on the surface vs. at Depth????

02 October 2015 - 06:10 AM

Hello All,


   I made a comment on the thread from Steve H., survey about metal detectors.  


When you toss out the "price tag" I would rather find a Gram nugget at depth, missed by VLF's, then a Grainer missed by a PI and picked up with a high freq. VLF.  Overall, the PI's for the most part will gain much more in weight (nuggets at depth, small and large) over a VLF in my opinion over time.



If you notice, I mentioned "in my opinion" I believe someone willing to spend the time and effort would benefit more from a good PI working old goldfields than a VLF.  I have many reason why I believe this and we mentioned we are not included the price of the metal detector.  We are talking technology and performance this time.  


In the quote above, I talked about how I would rather miss a dink than a larger chunk at depth.  


Trust me, I have toggled back in forth from a Fisher Goldbug 2 and PI, owning both most of the time.  I'm pretty convinced with the new PI's and GPX 7000, that I'm not missing that many small nuggets.  The ones I'm missing don't make it economic enough in a day to pick them up than continue in hopes of picking up another single piece that might make a dozen of those small ones.  


Sometimes it comes down to economics & time in the field (productivity).  I can either crawl around on the bedrock and snipe 20 small ones in a day for "X" about of grains or grams, or cover more ground in hopes of larger pieces.  I have always had better success in the second, moving on, trying to find another deeper one or covering more ground.  


That all being said, we go back to the original question I have. I think if you're working old goldfields, a person would have better success with a good PI vs. a VLF overall.  


I'm saying this from 20+ years of swinging a metal detector across the US and Mexico.  I'm also saying this from watching the various gold forums the last 10 years and seeing what guys are finding.  We can also toss the survey Steve just conducted on metal detectors. 


For example, if you have watched a handful of guys (probably more like 100's) visit the known goldfield of Rye Patch, Nevada, that place has been worked to depth.  It's a huge goldfield, hundreds of thousands of gold nuggets have been found in region.  Despite that, the area still produces handfuls of nuggets from guys working that goldfield.  


Most are using PI's, revisiting known nugget patches, dozen scrapes and other workings to find gold at depth.  The SDC's (newer waterproof PI from Minelab) has done an amazing job at Rye Patch, kind of like a GB2 PI unit.  


I still remember visiting one of the scraps over 10 years ago, the guys that showed me said it has been killed.  It was the size of a football field, if not larger.  He pretty told me good luck, the Goldbugs have killed it.  Within just an hour's time with the latest and greatest PI, I had over a dozen "chevron" nuggets for like 4 Grams of gold.  All the nuggets were just a few inches beyond VLF detection range.  


These are just some of my personal views and opinions, but would love to hear what others have to say about the subject.  


I guess we can also add, what is "personal success" or being productive.  Some are just happy with being in the outdoors, others love to find a nugget or a combination of them both!  

TRADE: Gold Placer (nuggets/flakes) for Metal Detectors & Accessories

29 September 2015 - 06:04 AM

Hello All,


   Many have asked over the years if I'm willing to trade gold nuggets, flakes or fines for metal detectors and accessories.  I'm personally not into the gold buying business, but over the years have done trade deals.  


I'm just tossing the thought out there for anyone considering doing a trade for gold nuggets for equipment, I could be in the market.  That being said, I'm only interested in good quality clean gold.  


I'm offering 90% of spot value on any gold.  I'm personally not interested in hearing "how your gold nuggets are worth 2-3 times the spot value."  No gold out there is 100% pure (.999 fine), so the 90% is pretty firm, regardless of size.  


Basically the breakdown is 90% of currently spot value for your gold nuggets for any product at the normal MAP (minimum advertised price).  


Feel free to call me and we can discuss this more if you're interested.  I'm always willing to be fair, so figured this might allow some to move some of their gold for anything we might carry.  


Talk with you later,

Used GPX 5000 Metal Detector, 2 hours of use

27 September 2015 - 02:57 PM

Hello All,


   A customer of mine purchased a new Minelab GPX 5000 and wants to upgrade.  He is asking $4400.00 for the used Minelab GPX 5000, but in only has 2 hours of use on it.  The unit was purchased from Rob's Detector Sales as a Genuine Minelab GPX 5000 metal detector.  The normal sale price on this unit is $5795.00, so this is well over $1300.00 in savings beyond the additional 15x12 coil included.  


More pictures are available if needed.  


Attached File  5000.jpg   186.13KB   1 downloads


Contact Olumide at - timelesspiecesng@yahoo.com


Great bargain for anyone looking for a very good conditioned GPX.  



Some new bits with the Minelab GPZ 7000 - Summer is almost over!!

27 September 2015 - 09:45 AM

Hello All,


   Ran back out this weekend to give the GPZ 7000 one last whirl before we leave on a short vacation.  The forecast was showing temps into the low 100's again, so headed a bit higher up to hopefully have a few more hours of hunting before the heat ran me out.  The morning started slow once again, thinking I might be onto a "skunk trip."  After pushing hard and hiking a bit further than anticipated, I hit a small batch of nuggets down deep.  The total was 5 nuggets for just over 6 Grams of gold, but did hit one more small .25 Grammer right at the end not shown.  


Can't wait for the Summer 100+ temps to get over.  Looking forward to exploring new ground with the GPZ 7000 this Winter season.  


Attached File  morebits (640x480).jpg   205.87KB   1 downloads


Thanks for viewing.  

** Business Closed Oct. 3rd - Oct. 9th - Get your orders in before please

27 September 2015 - 09:40 AM

Hello All,


   Just a FYI, we are going on a small vacation leaving Oct. 3rd thru the 9th.  Please make sure you get your orders in Thursday night at the latest to ship Friday.  We won't be shipping any product after Friday evening.  All orders that come in after that time will ship Oct. 10th.  The online store will still be up and running, so orders will come through, but won't ship.  


Questions, give us a call.