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Chasing down the Vein with the SDC 2300 Metal Detector

21 September 2014 - 08:55 PM

Hello All,


   Wanted to show you what my SDC 2300 found just this weekend working a old spot below a pocket type vein here in Arizona.  We worked this area really hard in the past, finding close to a pound of gold below the vein.  I figured this would be a good area to give the SDC a try since it has increased sensitivity to small gold and in some spots seems to have better mineral immunity.  Low and behold after about 3-4 hours of working below the vein I picked up 9.5 Grams of the good stuff.  Not a bad run figuring we hit this area pretty hard with the GPX 5000's already, along with all the detectors prior going back to like the GP 3500.  


Most of the trash was found on the outskirts of the patch, but only found 1-2 nuggets in that zone.  I was hoping the patch extended out further than we originally found.  


More impressed with this detector than ever after this hit.  I will post more, as I hit 8 more nuggets in different spot the following day which we also dubbed "WORKED OUT."  


Take care,


Rob Allison


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55 Nuggets so far with the Minelab SDC 2300 Metal Detector

18 September 2014 - 08:10 PM

Hello All,


  By any means I don't have any bragging rights, but I'm really impressed with the new SDC 2300.  It's now my primary prospecting metal detector, but will bring in the GPX 5000 on areas that have deeper depth and potentially larger nuggets.  


I have used the SDC 2300 on about 6 hunts so far to spots I have hunted hard.  I have pictured almost 50 nuggets found with the SDC 2300 since I started.  There are a few nuggets I couldn't remember if I found with the SDC or GPX 5000 when I first started, as I toggled between the two finding a few with each.  I'm a good ounce to 1.5 ounces to date with the SDC.  Another ounce or so and I can say I paid for the unit working just old patches during the Summer months.  


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Really excited to take this deep into the hills and explore with it.  The sensitivity is close to the GB2, but still has great PI mineral immunity to hot ground, ironstones and volcanics.  


Hoping to get out in the next couple of days to explore this old channel I found on the top of a ridge.  I'm hoping it pans out, rather than a few bits here and there.  


Thanks for all the Birthday wishes. 

3 used Printers & Scanners for sale

07 September 2014 - 03:27 PM

Hello All,


  Thought I would toss these items on here first, then Ebay if they don't sell.  I have 3 items for sale below -


(1) HP Deskjet 6540 (used, but it good condition).  Missing power cord and install software (both can be purchased cheap on Ebay).  

(1) HP Scanjet G3010 Scanner (used, but in good condition).  Have power cord, missing install software

(1) Lexmark 3 in 1 Print, Scanner and Copier.  Missing install software.  


Make me an offer on any one or a bundle set for all three.  They are work fine.  


Contact me at 623.362.1459 or cell phone at 602.909.9008.  Keep in mind, shipping is expensive on these items due to the size and weight.  Probably a good $20-25 per item.  

Minelab SDC 2300 Continues to amaze me!

06 September 2014 - 09:25 PM

Hello All,


   Went out today with some partners working some old ground that has been pounded.  I didn't expect to find much, even with the SDC 2300, but at the end of the day I had 8 more nuggets to boot from the new SDC 2300.  The unit is amazing on small gold, gets great depth for only having the 8-inch round mono searchcoil and is more immune to some ironstones/volcanics than my GPX 5000.  This detector is going to be my primary prospecting detector.  I can hike in long distances and I don't have to worry about missing any small nuggets exploring new spots.  


Here are some pictures from today's hunt.  

Minelab & Military Discount Clarification

03 September 2014 - 09:06 PM

Hello All,

   I know some wanted some clarification on the Minelab 15% Military Discount.  Yes, it's good for any Minelab Metal Detector, but you must read the information below to qualify -


Minelab offers a 15% discount that is shared between the dealer and Minelab. How it works:

  • Dealer Sells a Minelab Detector to a Military Vet or Active Duty for 15% off MAP price
    • Dealer MUST verify the Military ID… all Military whether a Vet or Active Duty will have an ID
  • Dealer Submits the receipt showing discount to Minelab for a credit approval