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Special Prayer Request for Uncle

Yesterday, 02:43 PM

Hello All,


   One of my Uncle's, Parmesh is a retired Eastern Indian Doctor.  Recently we got some tragic news that he had a massive stroke on the front, right lobe of the brain.  At this point they are uncertain of the damage, but the MRI and CAT Scan does show a huge stroke and damage to the brain.  They said he might of also suffered a small Heart Attack as the Heart Enzymes were slightly elevated.  My Uncle Parmesh has always been very supportive of me, wishing I would have been a Medical Doctor since I'm a Cancer Survivor.  Well that never happened, but he's been there, supported, helped in College and other stuff. Always been a great Uncle.  


I'm asking for prayers for him if you would.  I'm a huge believer in Power of Prayer, so hopefully the more prayers the LORD will listen to us and help with a strength, wellness and speedy recovery.  


Thanks in advance!

New Metal Detecting DVD added to Store, More coming soon

28 April 2015 - 01:01 PM

Hello All,


   I have added a new Metal Detecting DVD to the store, Mike Bowers Metal Detecting.  It's a great DVD for anyone that enjoys metal detecting for gold.  Here is the listing on my online store and a short Youtube clip of the DVD below -





We have plenty in stock and a bunch of books and other items hitting the store over the next few weeks. Call or email us if you don't see something listed, we could have it here in the warehouse.  



No Accessories or Protection for your new Detector ????

27 April 2015 - 06:27 AM

Hey Guys,


   We all know what I'm talking about, hopefully .....


What puzzles me the most is when a manufacture brings out a high dollar metal detector, but don't have any accessory items or protection for it.  If you purchased a $40,000 vehicle and they told you it wouldn't come with any underguard protection or a front grill, just be careful and hopefully you don't scratch up the bottom or have too many items fly into the radiator, what would be your thoughts .... 


You can purchase a $XXXX detector, but you can't protect it, can't get replaceable coil covers, can't get a replacement battery or charger if needed.  


I love the product, the best in the WORLD in my opinion, but what is wrong with this picture?  


Curious on your thoughts.  



Short Hunt Saturday with a new Customer

26 April 2015 - 06:20 PM

Hello All,


   Saturday I had a customer that is very serious about metal detecting purchase a GPZ 7000 and SDC 2300.  My partner and I took him out Saturday to allow him to run the GPZ 7000 over some washes we found nuggets in before.  Within a few hours, working together with him I was able to get him over 4 gold nuggets at depth in this pounded wash.  My partner used my GPZ 7000 and hunted a nearby wash while I was training and snagged 4 small ones also.  We thought these washes were dead, never expected to pluck 8 out of them.  I now have to hunt a lot of washes at some point, but will probably wait for the Summer Monsoons to get a better chance of missed gold plus the Monsoon water action.  


Here are the nuggets we found.  The four on the left are the ones my customer and I found, the ones on the right are my partners using my GPZ.  


Attached File  Sathunt (640x480).jpg   187.23KB   0 downloads


It's out there.  Another 6.5 ounces roughly and this GPZ is paid for at $1150 per ounce spot!!  :rolleyes:

Some great GPZ 7000 Youtube Videos I found

26 April 2015 - 03:52 PM

Hello All,


   Here are some good videos on deep nuggets with the Minelab GPZ 7000 if anyone has time to watch them.  I guess it finds deep gold. 


Interesting Find at Depth with Nenad



3.8 Ounce Gold Nugget Found