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In Topic: Off Topic, Does anyone take Imitrex for Migraine Headaches?

01 July 2013 - 07:41 PM

That does sound too good to be true for Imitrex pricing. I started getting these damn ocular migraines a few years ago on top of my other ones . Just found out my favorite tea may be partially to blame. Arizona green tea in the gallon jugs. The list of ingredients does NOT say it has caffeine but I had a big cup of cold tea, went to work, and my head was pounding like my heart was trying to jump out . I knew from past experience, if that intense pounding sensation did not stop, I would get hit with an ocular migraine, and sure enogh I get to work, and , BAM !! Started seeing psychedelic kaleidoscope like rainbows blocking my center vision, but no headache, took an Imitrex, and waited for about 45 minutes for the worst of it to stop. Thank God we have Imitrex and other wonder pills these days.Wonder what the old timers did 100 years ago, besides drink snake oil and whiskey for  aches and pains? Doc told me to stay away from Arizona green tea as well as chocolate candy as migraine triggers.


-Tom V.