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In Topic: Ok, I cleaned them! Is the source that far away??

30 September 2015 - 06:48 PM



Do you have before and after photos of the nuggets? I am assuming nuggets don't always look like pretty yellow wedding rings gold when found?

How do you get the crud off?  How do you even know its a nugget and not just  a hotrock or piece of magnetite, which can be quite heavy too?

I have a 5 pound hunk of magnetite I got in a wash below an old gold lode mine sw of Payson years ago. It was solid black but stuck to a magnet.

We don't have nugget ground in the Midwest USA that I know of yet. Sure do envy you guys  in Az, Ca, Nevada at times..


-Tom V.

In Topic: Summer Monsoons bring out Arizona Rattlesnakes!!

24 March 2015 - 09:30 AM



What is your strategy when encountering rattlers while detecting in the desert. Do you immediately leave the area, freeze and look around when you hear the rattle, attack with your pick, leave the snake be? How far can they strike at you? I 've never had such an encounter so need to have a good strategy for when it does happen?  And does an electric shock stop the venom if bitten or use a suction cup thing or what do you do for first aid,especially if you are alone and a mile or more from your truck?

 Do you use the 1 cup Nuggetbuster headphones or detect without headphones so you hear the rattlesnakes?