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Got My Garrett Infinium LS Finally

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#21 HuntFish

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Posted 28 December 2007 - 03:57 PM

...The sort of comes in that Seeker got his in a place where the topsoil had been bladed off in the past. And Paul got his immediately up the channel after I scraped the tundra off the top.

In general, true virgin ground at Moore Creek is too deep to detect. But it is not impossible a person might get a big nugget through the moss, peat, and topsoil in those few areas where bedrock is immediately beneath. Plenty have tried but so far no finds.

Thanks Steve... this gives me a little insight on that place. I had the idea the ground around Moore creek was a bit more open. I didn't realize the area around Moore creek had that much ground cover (tundra).

I've been on tundra in Nome, that stuff is not easy to get through.

#22 Steve Herschbach

Steve Herschbach

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Posted 28 December 2007 - 07:08 PM

Hi Huntfish,

Check out http://www.moorecree...rial_photos.htm for a bunch of aerial photos of the Moore Creek area.

Steve Herschbach

#23 Alex Georgiadis

Alex Georgiadis
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Posted 02 January 2008 - 08:28 AM

I just got back from a trip to Barbados, where I used my Infinium both for relic hunting and on the beach. The whole island is just coral stone (no volcanic sand), so it was quiet as a whisper until it hit a target. Thus the 14'' mono was the way to go.

I have had tons of experience using SD's and a GP on beaches and found the Infinium to go at least as deep. And the discrim on the Infinium can be somewhat helpful if you take the time to "learn" it.

The real advantage is of course the waterproofing that allowed me to detect in the water and right through a rainstorm.

I have not used the Infinum in the goldfields yet, but it is certainly the finest relic/diving detector on the market. I am eager to see how the rumored White's PI can improve on it. True iron rejection would be the dream!

#24 dutch john

dutch john
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Posted 04 January 2008 - 12:32 PM

To belatedly answer "Nuggetdiggers" question regarding "Ryepatch."

Actually... there exists some confusion regarding this area... The
placer area known as "ryepatch" is westerly of Ryepatch dam. It
may(?) technically be known as "Majuba Placers."

The true Ryepatch mining district is not the placer area commonly
known as "ryepatch." This mixup in names ocurred beginning in the
early 1980's and extending into the late 1990's when the serious
"snowbirds" made their rounds from MiddleCamp (near Quartzsite)
then to Osdick (near Red Mtn CA) thence to Ryepatch (westerly of
the dam)... then to La Porte (Calif).

Then... the "cat got outa the bag" and areas known as "Tungsten"
"Keystone", "Bikini Tree", "Blue Mountain", and "Mill City" in parts
of what is now (both) Humboldt and Pershing Counties in northern
Nevada became familiar "buzz-words". All are just parts of the
original broad "(old) Central Mining District." The (old) Central Mining
District was re-organized as the New Central Mining District when
Pershing county was organized . Thus... What is known as "Lunker Hill"
is within Pershing County.

All of this can be confusing... I try to explain this in the "abstract" of
my article ("Oakie Jims" "Lunker Hill" Nevada Mining Operation) which
will appear in the March 2008 issue of Lost Treasure Magazine which will
hit the newsstands in late January...

Not to be "pushy" or worse... a "know-it-all".... which I'm not.... I like to
write about the past... to know of the past can be part of success in the
present... and a key to success in the future....

My Best to All who are reading this thread... I still use my Infinium(s) as all
machines...PI-types and VLF-types can excel in special circumstances...
such as using just one of the different golf clubs that are carried in a golf bag...

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