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Hello All,

Many are still looking for Jim Straight's 7th Edition of "Follow the Drywasher." I deal directly with Jim and one of the publishers on this book, so I always have it in stock.

This book is over 300 pages. This book has over 50 years worth of valuable information Jim has gathered from being a successful Geologist, Prospector, Nugget Hunter & Famous Author!

In my opinion this is one of the best books written by someone in the know, Jim Straight.


Your Price $29.95 + $8 US Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation.

You can order the book by -

Order Online at the Online Store -

Order by Phone - 623-362-1459

Order by Email - or

If you would like to order through Paypal, please visit this link -


Take care,

Rob Allison

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Hey Rob... I understand the Nuggetshooter's Bible is, as I write this, on back order.

Although it was last edited and updated in 2004 it seems to be still of revelence to the serious prspectors. Take Care... jim straight

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Hey Rob... there is now greater interest in epithemal precious metal deposits that are associated

with Tertiary extrusive volcanism. I briefly mention them in Appendix D (January 1996).

As I write this, there is getting to be more interest in metal detecting "old worked out and

abandoned silver and gold epithermal deposits" within the central North American Cordillea.

Over 10 years ago, I wrote an article that is now being accessed on google:

"Epithermal deposits assocated with Teriary volcanism --and the feasibility of metal detecting for them...

ICMJ December 2001.

For those who have bought a copy of Vol 3 from Rob... check out the illustration on pg. 186.

To summarze, today those using a modern metal detector while out working around the mine-dump

or hillside slope of a long forgotten epithermal type deposit known to carry gold and silver values

may detect chunks of speci or even electrum (Silver-gold) nugget.

As an example; Back in 1909, Ellen Nay while walking along Saulsbury wash (off of what is now know

as Interstate Hwy 6 beteen Tonopah and Ely) eyeballed a boulder laced with gold. The boulder

weighed 75 pounds and led to finding the camp of Ellendale.

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Howdy All.... First I thank all of you who have bought a copy of Vol 3 from Rob. I'm writing this

to let you know that Rob has recently ordered a few more copies from Plateau Supply in

St. Louis Mo. Rob now has them in his store. jim straight

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Hey Jim,

That is correct. I always have them in stock, but was getting low so ordered more to make sure I didn't get into a backorder status on them. Joe has always been good keeping me stocked up on your Follow the Drywasher, 7th edition.

Hope everything is well on your end Jim!

Rob Allison

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bounce :)

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Rob... this was a old post so I bounced it to day... As I write this there are now three large

books selling for $29.95. They have nice covers in full color.

One is Detecting for Gold by Trinity/AU/Ray Mills; the next one is Fists Full of Gold

by Chris Ralph; the last one is mine, The Nuggetshooter's Bible with Smokey at the "Big-Easy"

with a small photo of Smokey showing just some of his gold on the front cover...

I will say all three are a good read... Each is unique and I understand that

those that buy Chris's book decide to buy mine... so the more I sell.

I really appeciate Ray for saying nice things about me. He is a good friend and I'm glad

his wife is okay, it once looked bad for her. I know how it feels to lose your wife...

Mine passed away in hospice with me. We were married over 58 years. The ravages of cancer

and the chemo combined slowly robbed her of dignity and she died suddenly of massive heart

failure in my arms...

Rob thank you.... You have always been a true friend... God Bless You and Yours.... jim

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I'd like to take a moment here to give a bit of a pat on the back to Jim and his books as well. I've got a bit of a fetish for collecting detecting related books and videos and own most if not all of Jim's (most personally signed, thanks Jim) and they're the pride of my collection..... I never lend them out, they don't leave the house and they'll be with me till I die.

Jim's a true gentleman, an asset to our hobby and I can't say enough about how positive my experiences have been regarding his books and our chats..... anyone who can pick up a copy of any of Jim's books should be proud to have it in their collection.

Thanks for being there for us Jim, I'm truly proud to say I know you, even if just virtually.



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Jennifer... Thank you! As this is being written, I'm, with considerable help from Dan Taylor and Penny, revising

The Nuggetshooter's Bible. It is hard for me to believe that it has been over 80 years that "Jackhammer Jimmy"

carried me underground into a manganese mine my grandfather Vietti was one of the partners.

I was only 5-years old... But I remember the dank/musty smell of the carbide lamp refill station and an old gallon

corked wine jug half filled with water. My mom, who was the cook for the crew of five, was dismayed with Jackhammer

she told her about my adventures. She "got her back up" and would not give Jackhammer any rubarb pie for desert

that night... Gosh I'm really glad that Jackhammer took me inside, as my dad was mostly busy repairing the trucks

used to haul the ore to the Northern Nevada RR for shipping to the smelter in Utah. Back then Depression had

was tough, and the local coppermines were shut down, but the manganese was needed for the steel mills

back east... jim

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Rob... The Eighth edition of Volume 3 is now being printed by Joe at Plateau Company in St Louis.

It has a new front cover and additional pages in color. There are photos in color of Rob holding both

both 5-ounce nuggets he found in Central Arizona using the Minelab GPX5000. Over the years Rob

has helped me with his vast knowledge regarding Minelabs within both the seventh and now eighth

editions and I hope he orders and carries the eighth in his on line store as he has earlier editions... jim

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