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  1. Happy Birthday DOC

    Happy Birthday Doc, I hope you had a great day!
  2. That's an awesome little home away from home Doc , I like it and I'm somewhat jealous!! Have you used the little Home Solar System you got a while back(?), it should come in handy for outside lighting when you go out with yournew away home, I gotone after you posting your's but have yet to get a chance to try it out on a real outing. If you could would you ask Casey a question for me, what is a "Hot water heater"? , I'm confused why in the world would someone need to heat hot water?? Sorry I just had toribbed Casey for that, while growing up we all call a water heater a "hot water heater" until one day a plumber ask me "Why would you want to heat hot water, it's already hot" so now every chance I get to tell someone the same I take advantage of it,
  3. Nice little trailer Doc !! I know you will be taking it offroad and I noticed the minimum ground clearance it has, if you intend to take it way offroad where you'll begoing through big dips/washes, over big rocks and or very uneven ground, etc. you may want to consider a lift kit on the trailer. If you haven't already considered a sparetire for it, do so, it may be a good idea to have 2. I don't go in the desert with my trailer and I always have 2 spares when I go on trips.
  4. Found a jaw bone

    Tom it's too late you can undo what you have done, the word on the streets...ummmI mean the arroyos is that all theJavelinasare looking for you night and day to get there own BLING implanted, I hope you have a good pair of Kevlar gloves and can work fastas they are well known for not being able to keep their mouths opened for a long periodof time, they like to snap their jaws rapidly when they are nervous fromthe old fear of dentists syndrome!!
  5. Found a jaw bone

    Nice! Tom is the nugget tightly impacted in thetooth or is it loose?
  6. Took the baby out today....

    That's awesome, make a habit out of taking her, soon she be finding lots of gold and other treasure all on her own!!
  7. It appears that Minelab has dropped the USA price on the GPZ 7000 to $7999, this has been being talked about over on Steve's forum since a week agoFriday and Steve confirmed that it's true late last night, the Australia price is still the same which has always been $7625 USA dollars.
  8. Birthday Nugget

    Happy Birthday Doug, I hope you have a great day tomorrow on your birthday and I'm hoping you find another nugget, the early birthday nugget has to have some family nearby!!
  9. Waking up to a New Forum

    I'm not having any issueshere at Rob's forum and I haven'thad any issues on Steve's forum until today, I'm not getting to the forum proper, I'm getting taken to a strange page and no matter what embedded links I click on that page it just take me back to the same strange page other than clicking on the Main Website link which works fine and the main website seems normal, and even then at the Main Website when I click on the forum link it take me back to the strange page again, anyone else having the same issues trying to go to Steve's forum today or is it something on my end? Edit: After an hour has passed Steve's forum seems to be working fine for me now.
  10. What is it?

    Rob, I was thinking Electrum as well but he said it tested negative for silver.
  11. What is it?

    Well the specific gravity if your calculations are correct is dead on for it being pure gold, or is has other metals in it that add up to the same specific gravity of gold. I would suggest using a XRF spectrometer to find it's hidden secrets.
  12. It maybe a match holder or pill box.
  13. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to you Gary, sorry to hear about your mom passing, may she RIP.
  14. I guessing that since this article was written in July 2015 Virginia has moved from it's ranking of 24 and now is much closer to 50 since passing their latest legislation!!
  15. While not to put down your second nugget find which is awesome , I think finding the metal detectors were the best treasure finds for you, and for free at that , without finding them the nugget would be mute!!!