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  1. Happy Birthday.
  2. Congratulations Jennifer on your first American nugget and it's a VERY nice one at that!!
  3. Actually Babbitt is still used for bearings in engines today, albeit in a thinner layer and applied to a bronze coated steel 1/2 shell to create the crankshaft and rod bearings, etc. we're famililar with today.. "Modern Babbitt bearings[edit] Until the mid-1950s, poured Babbitt bearings were common in automotive applications. The Babbitt was poured into the block or caps using a form. Tin-based Babbitts were used as they could stand up to the impact loads found on the connecting rods and crankshaft. The poured Babbitt bearings were kept thin. The rods and caps would have shims that could be peeled off as the Babbitt wore. Ford was known to use two .002" on each cap and Babbitt that was 86% tin, 7% copper, 7% antimony (see the KRW catalogs for the Model T). Steel shims were used as the brass shims used today tend to compress over time contributing to shorter bearing life. The poured Babbitt bearings commonly get over 50,000 miles of use before needing replacement. Poured Babbitt bearings are also known to fail gracefully allowing the car to be driven for extended periods of time. The failed bearing is not likely to damage the crankshaft. In more modern practice, the crankshaft and connecting rod big end bearings in a modern automobile engine are made of a replaceable steel shell, keyed to the bearing caps. The inner surface of the steel shell is plated with a coating of bronze which is in turn coated with a thin layer of Babbitt metal as the bearing surface. The process of laying down this layer of white metal is known as Babbitting. "
  4. I personally wouldn't count on that tactic, it may work (key word here is "may") if you haven't been stung yet, once you're stung due to the pheromone they release when doing so the rest of the swarm will find you!
  5. Is this in Arizona? If so what the violators are committing is "Criminal Trespass" in the First Degree, IF they have been verbally warned or the proper signage are in place, the law is clear on this, they have to be warned first. Have the violators been warned verbally? OR Are there "No Trespassing" signs posted? Arizona Arizona state laws for trespassing, under AS 13-1502, detail that it is considered trespassing when informed or requested by a land owner, an authorized representative or law enforcement. It is also considered trespassing if “reasonable notice prohibiting entry” has been posted. Definitions of trespassing can be found here in section 13-1501. From my understanding of the law, trespassing on private property is not enforced by the USFS nor Fish and Game, the USFS only has authorty on Federal Forest land, Fish and Game on State Land, this matter should be enforced by the local Sheriff/Police, has the local Sheriff/Police been brought in on this matter? Also the owners of the private property or their agent may have to press charges before the Sheriff/Police will take any action, are the property owners willing to do this(?), if not it's a lost cause IMO!
  6. I see a keelboard for a sailboat , just joking, I do see mountains and much more, very interesting piece!
  7. You're welcome Jennifer, always willing to help a fellow...err...another prospector or prospective prospector!
  8. Jennifer, if memory serves me last I checked into both memberships is that to be a LDMA member you have to be a lifetime GPAA member first and foremost, if not the lifetime GPAA membership is included when becoming a LDMA member which covers this clause, the LDMA has always been a lifetime membership for both GPAA and LMDA, if you already have a lifetime GPAA membership the price for joining the LDMA would be adjusted as such, The only advantage to being a LDMA membership over just the GPAA, is access to LDMA properties which as mentioned also saves one on paying for RV sites. So it all boils down to if you think the additional cost of the membership for the LDMA sites and the money saved on a RV sites adds up to something that works for you as a lifetime membership. Also I think now-a-days they are offering a transferable LDMA membership, at least for a limited time, it doesn't say it has to be transferred to a family member, but it's only transferable one time and there is a annual maintenance fee of $120. If you haven't visited the GPAA's website and went to the LDMA membership page, be sure to check out the F&Q and the cost page, here's a link that may answer some of the questions you have.
  9. Ever since that video was released numerous years ago it has been my all time favorite gold video!
  10. That was the Massies, George A.K.A..the Buzzard, Tom and Perry Massie, of the GPAA and the LDMA that hit the 800 ounces.
  11. That's an awesome story of an awesome recovery of gold, it has fired my fever up!!! I'm having a hard time figuring the math that was used to come up with 150 ounces, doing the math I come up with 216 ounces not 150, 18 pounds as mention in the article at 12 troy ounces to a troy pound comes to 216 ounces not 150, did I miss something?
  12. Happy Birthday Doc, I hope you had a great day!
  13. That's an awesome little home away from home Doc , I like it and I'm somewhat jealous!! Have you used the little Home Solar System you got a while back(?), it should come in handy for outside lighting when you go out with your new away home, I got one after you posting your's but have yet to get a chance to try it out on a real outing. If you could would you ask Casey a question for me, what is a "Hot water heater"? , I'm confused why in the world would someone need to heat hot water?? Sorry I just had to ribbed Casey for that, while growing up we all call a water heater a "hot water heater" until one day a plumber ask me "Why would you want to heat hot water, it's already hot" so now every chance I get to tell someone the same I take advantage of it,
  14. Nice little trailer Doc !! I know you will be taking it offroad and I noticed the minimum ground clearance it has, if you intend to take it way offroad where you'll be going through big dips/washes, over big rocks and or very uneven ground, etc. you may want to consider a lift kit on the trailer. If you haven't already considered a spare tire for it, do so, it may be a good idea to have 2. I don't go in the desert with my trailer and I always have 2 spares when I go on trips.