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  1. What is it?

    Rob, I was thinking Electrum as well but he said it tested negative for silver.
  2. What is it?

    Well the specific gravity if your calculations are correct is dead on for it being pure gold, or is has other metals in it that add up to the same specific gravity of gold. I would suggest using a XRF spectrometer to find it's hidden secrets.
  3. It maybe a match holder or pill box.
  4. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to you Gary, sorry to hear about your mom passing, may she RIP.
  5. I guessing that since this article was written in July 2015 Virginia has moved from it's ranking of 24 and now is much closer to 50 since passing their latest legislation!!
  6. While not to put down your second nugget find which is awesome , I think finding the metal detectors were the best treasure finds for you, and for free at that , without finding them the nugget would be mute!!!
  7. Both forums must have the "Members" group positive "Likes" daily quota set to zero in the ACP, that;s the only thing that would make this happen.
  8. LOL, sounds like a very safe place to keep them!!
  9. Something is not quite right about the money shown in the article as to what was found, the photo shows a plastic barrel with $100 bills in it, the problem is that Pablo Escobar was killed in 1993, the $100 bills shown in the barrel were released in 2010, so how could the money be money he buried???
  10. I use the foam lined gem jars in the display box for nuggets, and use the glass and plastic vials for fine gold only. You can remove the foam from the gem jars and place a piece of paper cut to fit with the location where the nugget/s were found in the bottom of the jar where it can be read from the bottom and the re-insert the foam.
  11. Besides the great monetary loss, having the thought that it could of been someone you know really hurts bad!!!
  12. Happy Birthday Rob !

    Happy Birthday
  13. Californiagold

    According to his profile he was logged-in/last active on the forum today. californiagold
  14. Congratulations Ron , Thanks for the contest Chuck!
  15. Not Gold, but just as good

    Grubby, there's 2 or 3 Sovereign GTs on Ebay if you can't find one elsewhere, they won't be there for much longer as bidding is on going and ending soon.