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  1. That looks like a great abode DOC. Enjoy it.

    That is one of the best stories of finding gold I have seen. Nice going.
  3. The Hermit pick was originated by Joeforthegold an ex-marine who used to post every once in a while here and on Bill's forum. I actually have one of his prototypes that he gave me. The only thing I have found that I would change is perhaps making one out of a heavier metal for harder ground. But for the desert it is perfect. I know Bunk for sure makes good ones too, but credit where credit is due.
  4. I have actually been amazed at the Verizon coverage in virtually all the places I have prospected including the Dale, the El Paso's, the Sierra's in CA and Rye Patch in NV as well as other places in NV. Like Dakota Slim, I have a Verizon Jet Pack but crazily enough I have never had to use it. **(and btw Slim, that is a really smart thing you posted about not needing a voice plan if you use a jet pack and Google voice. It took me a second to realize how cool that tip was…thanks) …and I do text in the goldfields…that's what my family and friends do. It doesn't have to be some sort of watching-it-all-the-time mentality. It's a smart way to stay in touch and it certainly doesn't in any way make me less serious about what I'm doing. In addition, if you get in trouble you can use your smartphone to snap a pic of your gps map, your surroundings and whatever else might be pertinent to your situation. Also, I would only say if you have kids and you want to communicate with them…you better learn to text.
  5. Nice post DOC. Have fun with your new gulley and Happy New Year.
  6. Jasong is the real deal. He's been on a number of forums for a long time. He doesn't have any need to bs us, he's too busy prospecting.
  7. I too always look forward to AzNuggetBob's posts. They usually reflect a lot of experience and thought. Also when someone takes the time to share their experience, there's bound to be something to learn. Thanks Bob
  8. Haha Steve, I tried to "like" your post about the article and this is what I got: A quota on positive quotes…pretty funny
  9. Faint Signal

    I'm impressed with him being able to know that was a target. Most people as Rob said, would move right past that. Even if he has experience with the area and has heard signals like that before, that's good detecting.
  10. Hi Chris, Very interesting review. I happen to own the same headphones that you do. I especially appreciate the Black Widows higher available pitch as that is the hearing range that I have hearing loss in. The one huge problem I have with Black Widows is the tightness of the headphone frame, it actually is too tight on my head…I haven't tried to modify that - yet. That being said I have found the Sun Ray Gold Pro's my go-to headphones they are easy on the head, they block noise vey well and their adjustability is great. Thanks for taking the time to inform us.
  11. Show me your Pick

    Hi Jasong I haven't pursued the order recently, I am in the midst of some other stuff. (check your PM on the detector prospector forum, I can't get into your PM on here for some reason) best…
  12. Show me your Pick

    Jasong, The man who makes them does not have a distributer here in the US. He is willing to send them overseas to us however he thinks the shipping fees may be a bit much. I thought if a few of us got together maybe we could get say, two or three of them shipped at the same time with some spare tips etc. They are not cheap but when I think of being out in the middle of nowhere with an inadequate pick, expense becomes irrelevent to an extent. It's hard to see in the picture but the broad back of the pick has little sides on it so scraping more dirt out of a hole is possible. I also really really love my Hermit Pick. In the right circumstances there is no better pick imho. This is the Supersede below:
  13. Show me your Pick

    Has anyone taken a look at the Supersede pick that I see showing up in Oz? I think JP carries one. It looks very interesting and well made. It features replaceable pick points and backs. take a look. https://www.facebook.com/supersedepicks/photos/pb.267684390090510.-2207520000.1426344568./309022339290048/?type=1&theater