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  1. Yeah, that is what it was.  Now is that going to be my user name also?  If so that will be great.  I think you took away my two warning points that I was wearing like my red badge of courage.  Sort of got used to it after a couple of years.   Tks Bro.    Old Tom 
  2. Rob, how do I change my Avatar name?  I can't log off to change my name and password there.  I seems that when the forum changed it took the sign in name and replaced my Avatar name.    Old Tom  
  3. Not too bad

    Hey man that's terrific. Keep it up and go back to all those worn out places. Old Tom
  4. Happy Birthjday Tailgate

    Happy Birthday to you old sod. I'm trying to catch up to you but I just can't make it. Hoist one for me Jim. Old Tom
  5. Keep him up there Wade. Going out this Sunday and I don't want to smell him here. This rain sure is putting the damper on things though. Old Tom
  6. Man, they're pretty Shep. More gold inside than out. Q has been good to you guy. Old Tom
  7. Merry Christmas

    Sorry to hear of your loss Grubby but being absent from the body is to be present with the Lord, a rebirth for her. Have the best Christmas you can this year with the knowledge that we are all praying for you at this time. Old Tom
  8. Sweet haul Cali Gold. Don't sell it to D B Dave, probably wouldn't know what to do with it. Old Tom
  9. Uncle Ron Happy Birthday

    Getting old is in one's mind. If you refuse to give in you got it made. Get going and live what life has to offer. In our case it's all God's green and brown earth with maybe a few golden baubles mixed in. Have a good one Unka, Tom and I will be seeing you out there soon scratching one up. Old Tom
  10. I'm Back in Town, just a FYI.

    In other words you guys work longer and harder than most of us that work for others. Many is the time that I thought that I would rather work for myself with the hours I was putting in as a lineman/cable repairman for the telephone co. Many times it was 100 hrs. a week during storm seasons. We all complain all the way to the bank sometimes but we keep on doing. Thank God we are able to do it and provide in our best way for our family's needs. Glad you could afford a vacation, some don't. :-) Old Tom
  11. Hey Fly Guy, hope you get over this experience ok. Nuggets do help a little I know. When I had my quad bypass on my heart, my son gave the surgeon two nuggets and he almost fell over. Every time I bump into him in the hospital his face lights up and comes over and shakes my hand. A little gold goes a long way. Old Tom
  12. Which boots

    How come you didn't tell your father about that trick? Thanks-a-lot guy. I'm going to try that next time. I do have a time getting them on and off, belly's in the way. New balance is the boot for me. Nice and light and no metal in it. But then I don't have anything handy to reference my detector to when I get into an area that is completely quiet. Have to drop my pick to get a sound. Old Tom
  13. Happy Birthday Rob !

    Have a happy one today bud. It's your day, do something good like finding a nugget. Old Tom
  14. Just like Pearl Harbor, gotta remember.......................... Thanks Doc. Old Tom