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  1. OMG, did Nugget Finder say in what part of the country this find was made? Or maybe under some eucalyptus trees? Old Tom
  2. Hey AuW, take a knife to it and see if it is a little harder than soft lead. Babbitt material won't cut or peel like raw lead, its a lot harder so it wouldn't swage with the rotation of the shaft. Oil groves were cut into it to hold the oil to lube it. I think that I would have peed in that hole before I filled it or maybe even worse............. Old Tom
  3. Lead was used quite a bit around mines. Easy to repair things with as it took a low heat to melt it. Check and see if it isn't Babbitt material, they used it for making bearings in the big motors that ran the mines. Also all automobiles before the fifty's had Babbitt bearings. Old Tom
  4. That one looks like a gold filled molar I lost one day down there. Keep up the good work and stay hydrated. Old Tom
  5. Bob knows why as he went to school, he's not a smart ass, really. Old Tom
  6. Ya know why they don't send donkeys to school? Old Tom
  7. I could have found that with my portable radio! Old Tom
  8. That tactic actually does work and I have recommended it here in the past. I am a former bee keeper and have used it a couple of times when things have gotten out of hand while capturing wild hives. But don't think that the little buggers are 'dumb', they will catch up with you if you don't get far enough away before they see you. The thing is in the desert there aren't too many thick trees and bushy shrubs in some areas to do this. Best thing is when they come 'a-bumpin', guess the direction they are coming from and do a 180. Old Tom
  9. My guess is May 1, 2, or 3. Old Tom
  10. I believe there is going to be a special tribute program to Grandpa John this coming Friday. He made it easier to watch this show for me. I wish that I had a Grandpa like him, he was a man's man. Old Tom
  11. Adam, you don't need a chaperone what you need is a trainer. You'd better be there Mom or not. I put you on the rooster anyway. Old Tom
  12. That's awesome dude, the yellow sure is purty. That manzanita is better than the catclaw that I crawl around in. Old Tom
  13. Great birthday present for you. Go out and get a mate to it and have a pair of cuff links made. Old Tom
  14. Ray, I remember Grandma used to hold her doilies on the arm of her living room chairs on with this pin. They would go through the doily and through the overstuffed arm of the chair and only the decorative head of the pin would show. They were good for all kinds of things including table cloths, bed sheets and covers, etc. One of the old things that I remember from days gone by. Old Tom
  15. All I can say is, Wow! If I ever ran into that much gold in one patch I think that I would give up after that. Have a great time on the proceeds of that venture and I wish you more luck in the future. Thanks for posting, I loved it.