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  1. Bud told me a story about hunting nuggets at night on a farm that he had been told not to hunt on. He was detecting away and suddenly had anuncomfortable feeling. He turned on his cap lamp a low and behold he was surrounded by a herd of cows, scared the life out of him.
  2. If it's the same Bud,I bough a number of GB2'S and gear off him, he has a prospecting shop in Helena, MT. He is a great fellow once you get to know him, he let me hunt on his ground once, even found a small nugget! He used to come up to Canada and hunt nuggets on a friends claim.
  3. Very nice gold Rob, I am assuming it was with the GPZ?
  4. First GPZ gold

    Thanks Tom, My goal is to alternate between here and there when retirement overtakes me!
  5. Hi All my first find with the GPZ, not much more than a football field worth of ground open but the snow is melting fast! awesome machine!!! all the best!
  6. Hey Rob Do you sell the pick in Jennifer's picture?
  7. New Nugget Contest

    Please include me.........A Sasquatch
  8. Hi Rob GB-2 for me! With the discrimination on when a target is heard I slow down my swing and listen for the break up in the response. I then try flipping between normal and disc. Gold will always be as loud or louder! All the best!
  9. Specimen 1 Video

    Awesome finds Doc!
  10. Sdc 2300 issue

    Thanks guys, love this machine it's just amazing what it picks up. Got 10 grams of small inAreas that the GB2 had been used
  11. Has anyone encountered the unit doing an un asked for start sequence when it is jarred on the heal of the coil?
  12. Hi All Hello from the north We had a nice weekend trying out our new 2300. Pictured is the 7 nuggets totalling 4.3 grams. Ground had been scoured by both the 4500 and Gold Bug 2. Not much ground open, can't wait till spring! All the best and happy hunting!