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  1. Thank you guys , just seeing this post !!
  2. You should have considered a tandem. When you get your 1st flat tire you will understand.
  3. What happened did you sell your fors gold ???
  4. Nice BEEPIN Tom.
  5. Thats NOT the kind of "faint" signal I enjoy. I like the ones that you have to move inches of ground AND the signal starts to improve !!!!! As in DEEP an BIG
  6. nice beepin
  7. Great results Chris hapy huntn
  8. Thank You all. Had a great day out in the freakin 100's Dug a mule shoe at about 2 feet an died while doin it.
  9. God bless ya Gary, anytime you can beat the odds !!!!
  10. Chuck go with the fors gold
  11. Very Nice !!! I'm almost to the point of bein ready to get back at it full time. Been so many moons I been away. Hapy Huntn