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  1. Well crap Rob! That dont sound like a fun detecting trip :).......Not much you can do if you disturb their hive. Plus you probably smelled from sweating..bees dont like smells. Least you got away. Ammonia blueing takes the pain away..looks funny though. Dad had bees all the time I was growing up.....run downwind so they cant smell you.Well, if you can figure that out when they are hitting you Bees are also pretty inactive at night. Tom H.
  2. The monsoons have been kind of weak this year Tom H.
  3. Well... actually...it was not as big. Did see some good ones. The dern moon was almost full so that messed it up a little. I headed out around 2 am...it may have been better after that , but I was done It was fun to sit out there and watch them with a good bud and catch up though. Jack ass flats may not be far enough out from the city???? Tom H.
  4. I was out at Jackass flats watching the meteor shower on the 12th....LSD ran a little but not much. Tom H.
  5. WTG on the nug! All the critters are out at night At least you didnt run into 5 snakes having sex again!!!! Tom H.
  6. Me thinks they busted into a old can and spread it around... That guy would have been jumping if it was gold when the other guy handed it to him after all that work..... Tom H.
  7. Will be interesting to hear what you think about it at the Q! Cant wait for the cooler weather.... Tom
  8. Son of a gun! Thats a deep hole.....you can be proud of the hole anyway You just have to wonder how some trash got so deep in the middle of no where? Only lead ive found are bullets. Tom H
  9. Holy Cow(killer) Thats some nice gold Thinking that specie would make a nice pendant! WTG.....hope you get more. Tom H.
  10. Why would you even do this without pictures???? Tom H.
  11. Ron: Dont sweat it. Tell Dodie to take it easy...You guys tried. There are people out there that take advantage of this kind of stuff. But, you never know, unless you deal with them a lot. It will come back to you in good ways. Tom H.
  12. Man............thats really cool! all I see is gold WTG! Geet some more I do see a fault running up the middle of it...might check if for gold Tom H.
  13. Holy cow....thats a lot of sweet looking gold! Nice stuff. Tom H.
  14. Yup, we all need em I usually get mine from Discount. But........... I decided to try Walmart. For the exact same BFGs KO2s I paid 76 bucks less for two of them. How? Roadhazard....25 at Discount with a 3/32 limit on tread wear.......10 at walmart with a 2/32 limit Mounting and balancing....18 at Discount..........9 at walmart. Tire disposal fee......2.50 at Discount..........0 at walmart. It all adds up. Good luck to you all. Tom H.
  15. DOC......... Tom