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  1. New Nugget Additions

    Man, thats a lot of nice gold Rob! WTG Um....nothing to get excited about? I think I would be pretty dern excited! Glad your getting out again, still some nice weather to be had. GL to ya Tom H.
  2. Happy Birthday DOC

    Congrats Doc! Have a great day and enjoy that you made it this far. Tom H.
  3. Gold forums contest

    May 8, 13,14 Tom H.
  4. Nice home away from home Doc! That shower is bigger then the one in our RV. Nice Tom H.
  5. Wow...nice bunch of gold Rob I wouldnt mind getting sore for that. Oh...BTW...that old stuff...it only get worse Tom H. P.S. did you get my E mail about the coil cover?
  6. Coiltek mono elite 14" finds

    Nice gold! Hopefully your over a patch. That would be sweet Tom H.
  7. Hey all: Welp had to get a new coil and after talking with AJ and Mike F. about the evolution I decided to do it. My old coiltek 14 elip was giving me fits with falsing and such. Doctered it up as much as I could but after 5 yrs of banging it around....it was tired. Rob fixed me up with a good deal and I had it within 2 days THANKS!! Im loven it. It is a LOT more sensitive and seems to do a lot better on black sand and ironstone. It is a wee bit heaver than my old 14 elip, but exercise and a bungy will take care of that. Went back into a area ive pounded and let others hit. I got more trash out of the main wash that I missed before. The small nails were 8" deep and the 3/4 X 3/4 piece of steel was at 1 1/2 feet deep...loved digging that one! Now for the gold. They look like brothers But, they were actually up on the hill sides out of the main wash. Two washes separating them. One was 3 feet up a 70 deg. slope and one was in a really small drainage that I never bothered to detect. Hit everything around up and down from where I found them. Just some loners. A good friend and I went up there last week and he gave me all kinds of tips/hint/help/geology advice/ head exploding....... Told me to hunt the one side of the wash. They are up there. But dang....hunting hillsides is hard! Total in gold was 3 grams. Enjoy! Tom H.
  8. First GPZ gold

    Dern nice gold there! Glad you were able to get them. Sounds like your hunting season is coming up....ours is coming to a end here in AZ Tom H.
  9. Dang Doc! Thats nicer then our RV Can of fix a flat....and a small 12V air pump. And a spare as someone else suggested. Piece of indoor outdoor carpet so you dont track crap inside. Maybe a disco ball? Nice set up. GL To ya Tom H.
  10. Found a jaw bone

    Ahhh....man those things have a nasty set of teeth! Tom
  11. Found a jaw bone

    Ummm....hope I didnt mislead you. I put it there Tom
  12. Fortunately...it wasnt human this time Javalina. Only way I was able to hear it was because it looks like he had a gold cap on one of the rotted teeth. Interesting anyway Tom H.
  13. Dang Andy! Thats a nice Klunker Hope you find more in that spot. Tom H.
  14. Took the baby out today....

    Nice..........gold and good times with your daughter. Your bringing her up right! They do remember these times. My Daughter tells me about the time I took her out. Keep at it. Tom H.