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  1. Poop or pup? Forum looks great. Tom  
  2. I dont like this one.......I look older in my avatar   Seems to be working just great for me. Tom H.  
  3. Ray. Glad to hear George is doing better. Been there done that with the wife. I enjoy your reads in ICMJ. GL to you out there. Tom H.
  4. Not too bad

    Yah!!! You got it heh? WTG on the gold bud. Sweet! Tom H.
  5. Nice! Glad a couple of the guys found some gold. It was great weather out for detecting Tom H.
  6. Nice gold! I love sunbakers GL and hope to see more Tom H.
  7. Happy Bday Justin! Another one Seems like just yesterday I was wishing you a happy one on the side of the road heading up to Wickenburg Tom H.
  8. Doc: That's great that you all found some gold. Thanks for the detailed hunt. I really like to hear how it goes out there. GL to you. Go geet em! Tom H.
  9. Hey all: Dad and I got out today to do some detecting. Unfortunatly....the rain wiped the road out going up the hill and I didn't want to chance getting high centered by sliding into the gullys that were carved in it. So....plan B...what was plan B....oh yah, Just go find another wash somewhere. Hit a couple of new spots and found lots of old lead and a interesting casing. Its 40 cal. and is a rimfire with two hammer hits on it 180 deg. apart. It has a H stamped on it from the inside. The other thing is also 40 cal but is pretty small and I cant see it flying through the air very well. Anyone know what these items are. Im thinking the casing is from Wyatt Erp or Billy the kid. I may be wrong though. Really awesome weather out there. Go detecting! Tom H.
  10. Heck....I thought snake gators were used to keep knee pads up? Tks for the info Doc. Tom H.
  11. Happy Birthjday Tailgate

    Happy B day Jim! Glad you made another trip around the sun. Thanks for all the help you give along the way. Take care. Tom H.
  12. First detecting this year

    Wow! Really great gold you got there Hope your on a spot and get a lot more out of it. Tom H.
  13. WTG Doc! That's awesome that you and he both got nuggets. That's a really good day GL to you in that new area. Tom H.
  14. Man, congrats Rob! Your in a good spot for sure. Hope you get more out of it. What did you ever do with that quartz/gold you found? Shep is getting some nice slabs out of his. Tom H.
  15. Hey all: Welp, got out today with Dad, and Luke. It was a bit cool in the morning but once the sun got into the wash I was peeled down to a shirt. Hit some washes up at LSD. Cleaned up a lot of garbage I found a 22 short that has been up there so long the bullet was almost gone from corrosion. I love picking in the ground for live 22 rounds Hit a wash and was pulling more garbage out of it. Tin, boot tacks, the general junk. Im getting weary and start heading down the wash to the truck and I get another signal. Great, sounds like that last piece of tin. I walk away still swinging listening for the sweet sound. About 5 feet away a little voice in my head says to go back and dig it what if it is a nugget. I look at the boot scrape...ok...Ill dig it. Get down six inches in all the sand and its out. Yup, got to be tin, its not in the bedrock....however deep that is? In the scoop and DOH!!! Its a hunk of yellow! 2.8 grams. I almost walked away from it. Lesson learnt Got a lot more trash out of that area after that. Great day out and the Good Lord blessed us with some gold. Tom H.