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  1. Holy cow....thats a lot of sweet looking gold! Nice stuff. Tom H.
  2. Yup, we all need em I usually get mine from Discount. But........... I decided to try Walmart. For the exact sameBFGs KO2s I paid 76 bucks less for two of them. How? Roadhazard....25 at Discount with a 3/32 limit on tread wear.......10 at walmart with a 2/32 limit Mounting and balancing....18 at Discount..........9 at walmart. Tire disposal fee......2.50 at Discount..........0 at walmart. It all adds up. Good luck to you all. Tom H.
  3. Gold forums contest

    DOC......... Tom
  4. Day and a half out

    Its all good, As long as some old trash turns up that I know no one else has gotten over..............its good Heck, just finding a fallen hawk, and a really old horse shoe is pretty cool. Tom H.
  5. Went out solo thur. and fri. Met up with some friends and did a lot of detecting. It was toasty during the mid day but cool at night and jackets in the morning. Saw some really cool places, found a dead Hawk, piece of indian something....a old 50 cal. military bullet, and a lot of other small junk. No yellow stuff though. But, if it was there I would have found it with the amount of small/birdshot stuff I found. Great time out with friends and a campfire Tom H.
  6. Thats it....im throwing my 5000 away....................:P Its still out there. Just have to get the dang coil over it! Tom H.
  7. biggest yet

    All my "patches" have been in washes...........so, I sit down and play with the shovel Dig it out and re beep it, especially with the GB2. Lot easier to sit and act like your rowing a boat with the shovel then kneeling. Tom
  8. biggest yet

    You can only dig so much and then the body tells you........dood, go back to the truck. And, as your swinging on your way back you hear the scream. Your beat, tired and sore...you look down and its decision time. Bout 50/50 for me on digging it up. Depends on what ive dug up so far, how deep is the bedrock, theheat, and fatigue. Man thats a nice nugget! Tom
  9. Pops Scores!

    Welp...you got to come up with a name for a wash so you remember it. Usually just something that happened or you found. After dad blew off the air horn I took my headset off to make sure I was hearing something....all I heard was a bunch of jackasses braying back! Really sounded funny................so it was called burro wash I know a JA and a burro aint the same but what the heck. Tom H.
  10. I've got a new appreciation for trash after last weekend. When I start finding it, well, that's just more targets other guys missed or ignored that might be gold. You got it! Whenever I find trash its a good sign...kind of Really nice nugget! Congrats! Tom H.
  11. Hey all: Went out today with dad and hit some hill sides and small tribs. After not finding anything but trash we went to Idler arm hill (broke my idler arm trying to go up it last time)....went up and got to Burro wash. I went one way and dad went the other. After about a half hour, I hear the air horn in the truck blowing . Hmmm...must be good! Get back to the truck and dad found one in his wash. He was detecting, turned around and as he was turning the GBPro sounds off. Dad scans the ground and sees this 1.3 gram sunbaker! WhooHoo!!! We detected a lot of it after that. I had to put the PI away due to lightning noise and EMI from power lines. Finished off with the GB2. I just cleaned the desert up today....but dad scored! Good Lord blessed us with some nice gold and we escaped the desert just as the rains came....and I mean it DUMPED! Tom H.
  12. biggest yet

    Yowsa!! Thats a hunk of gold Congrats to you. Tom H.
  13. New Nugget Additions

    Man, thats a lot of nice gold Rob! WTG Um....nothing to get excited about? I think I would be pretty dern excited! Glad your getting out again, still some nice weather to be had. GL to ya Tom H.
  14. Happy Birthday DOC

    Congrats Doc! Have a great day and enjoy that you made it this far. Tom H.
  15. Gold forums contest

    May 8, 13,14 Tom H.