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  1. Doc, Dont feel bad. I hold up traffic all the time in the Yoto 45 up most hills in 3rd. The 4 gerbils under the hood are doing the best they can! Tom H.
  2. Just looked at the web site. Looks really good! Tom H.
  3. No wonder I cant find any gold lately....I cant even see it! That sure is a nice looking nugget though. Tom
  4. Got it! Thanks Tom
  5. Thanks guys...got it! Tom
  6. Here is where I was looking Tom
  7. Guess my box is full here. Been trying for a bit on how to delete old post/pics. Can anyone fill me in? I just cant seem to do it? This new forum is pretty different. Tks Tom H.
  8. Thanks Bud!!............guess im over the speed limit here. Just got to figure out how to delete the pix. Worken on it Tom H.
  9. Finally figured out the right size. Loose some resolution but at least it takes it now. Tom H. EDIT..arg..it didnt upload.back to saying I can only upload 61K and the pic is 58K.... GUess ill get it eventually.
  10. On trying to post pictures here! Ever since the new forum conversion, it now limits you to pic. size. I try to resize the pics to get them to upload and I loose all the resolution in the pic. Have not been posting much here as I cant get anything to upload. Tried again this morning and finally gave up Can anyone tell me how they size thier pics to get them in here? Tks Tom H.
  11. Thats a nice nugget! Congrats. Im pretty sure I see it....Let some others guess. Tom H.
  12. Sweet! At least your finding some I have a hairy black and white thing following me lately! Tom H.
  13. Dern thats nice!!! Im running that coil when I can. I can say...it is super sensitive and will get a boot tack at 8 inches. Found some gold with it but I do think my other coil (9x14)would have found them as they were only 5 inches deep. It really is a nice light (for its size) sensitive coil. Tom H.
  14. I remember...it was at Rich hill with Bunk and Chris Bout 3 yrs ago Tom H.
  15. Rob: I need to make it to one of the outings (if I'm welcome Having one at Jackass flats the second weekend of NOV....You better be there. Its only 20 miles from your house Tom H.