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  1. Rye Patch Gold

    NICE nuggets. . . congrats Shoot... I live pretty close to there and haven't really checked it out that much..... I'm gonna have to poke around over there more often. Good job on stickin with it..
  2. REALLY!!! Hmmmmm I wonder .. the bigger the coin, the greater increase on sensitivity...
  3. Very nice gold nuggets Chris. . . Thanks for showing them ..
  4. Hey Rob. . . Personally, I like clean / semi clean nuggets. I like to look the charactor of the nugget. If you still want some dirty ones.. only clean half of them :-) Have a good one. . . Doug
  5. Hey Dan, I should of checked back sooner. . . probably missed ya in the area... Soon as I get hunting out of the way(above ground) You bet I'll be hunting (below ground). I don't remember If I ever PM'd you my phone #. . . If I didn't ... I will so that we can get in the hills some time. Take care, Doug
  6. Good morning Chuck, Please put my name in . . . Thanks
  7. Hey thanks Chris. . . It's been a while. . . Hope all is well.
  8. Thanks fo all the replys guys. . . I got lost having fun in the SS again.. My buddy bought a 705. I just sold my boat and bought a new Ranger XP900 Hunter Edition. Setting it up now for some nugget huntin fun!! Can't wait to get out and about again.. Take care and be safe. .
  9. Hey all, It's been a while since I have been around.. Got into something else for a bit (2SSCamaro) ... Ready to start hitting the hills again and a very good friend of mine is now ready to get involved and go with.... He is green as green and I was thinking of starting him out with a used 705. What do ya-all think? Has there been or do they ever come up on classifieds? Thanks. . .
  10. Thanks for the update Paul. I haven't been out for quite a while. . . Been investigating a new toy. I had my left hand worked on so I could hold a pick come spring. Thanks again for following through with some feedback.. Good Luck with the 2300! ! !
  11. Rob Allison Birthday Today

    Happy Birthday Mr. Hope you had a good one!!!
  12. Very cool looking. Thanks for posting
  13. F-19 continued...

    Hi Ray, First off... Thanks for the informational write-up. I picked up a new GBII with the small coil back in Nov. and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind adding a quick comparison against the two above. I haven't used it much, finding it hard to put down the GP3500. Thanks NvAuMiner/Doug