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  1. Hello All, I know we have talked about bees before on the forums and what is the best method to deal with them. A few weekends ago I was out metal detecting and used a quad to get to a location. I was metal detecting probably 20-30 yards from where the quad was parked. I was metal detecting around some old workings, larger boulders and stacked walls. As I was digging out a target, trying to roll over larger rocks, a bunch of bees swarmed from below the rocks. I took off running, with the detector and whatever I could run with. I managed to escape before the entire colony was swarming right in the immediate area. I ran for about 100 yards until it seemed like most were not following me anymore. I managed to get stung 2-3 times in the left arm during the running process. I took a short break, watching from a distance. I was trying to figure out, how to get the quad out of there and eventually back to my truck. Before I knew it, the bees discovered where I was, and there was one, two and almost a dozen swarming around me again. I tried my best to not swat at them, but it's almost impossible when they are diving for your face. I moved further away and managed for the most part to only see 1-2 bees here and there flying around. I waited for about 30 minutes thinking how I was going to attempt to get to the quad and not anger them. I dropped all my items and decided to sneak from another direction to the quad. Within about 10-15 yards I started having several bees swarm around me again. Just as I got right at the quad, there was a handful of them, diving at my face again. I could feel them bouncing off my hat and back. Before I knew it, I had several more stings and I took off running again. At this point, I was pretty damn frustrated, thinking the quad might have to stay overnight. I hated to leave the quad, and some of the gear, but figured since I had the key already and most of my valuable goods, it would probably be difficult for someone to steal the quad and deal with the bees at the same time. With no gold in my poke, a dozen or so bee stings, I figured I was getting the hell out of here. I managed to walk a long ways around the area and back to where I parked my truck. The next morning I returned bright and early, no bees around and managed to get my quad. Once I drove away, I seen a few bees flying around, so the quad noise might have angered them once again. The area sure looked good and I know those bees were guarding a few gold nuggets! Be careful out there, the bees are no joke. I couldn't imagine if the entire colony would have attacked me.
  2. Great to know they are still out there being found. Would love to see another biggie from the US pop out!
  3. Hey Shep, Did you happen to get your GPX 4500 back from Woody yet? Curious on how the mod is doing?
  4. Hey Boulder Dash, Good reports and congrats on the four you found. I always found after some good Monsoons that a handful of washes (normally the richer ones) would have a few pieces that would surface.
  5. Hey Guys, Thanks for the update. Tom - Were you able to see much of the Meteor Shower? Last year I was up around Congress and about 1am I walked outside and it looks like "Star Wars!" I never seen anything like this. I could even hear some of the meteorites.
  6. Hey Guys, It's been a few months since I have actually been out. I think about sneaking out for a few hours during the weekends, but something always comes up. Curious if the Monsoon's moved anything around out there? Hope you're finding some gold!
  7. Hello All, I have a long time friend wanting to sell his Minelab SD2100. He found a lot of gold with this unit back in the day. It's missing some minor parts like the powercord and probably needs a new battery for the Pocket Rocket System. He wanted me to toss this picture on the forums and see if anyone is interested in buying it from him. You can text message Jim at - 1-660-342-4116 Make him an offer if you're interested.
  8. Hey Guys, Ya its kinda wield as the ground seems pretty solid and they brought over the excavator and it was having trouble digging out the target. I think it was a gold nugget, but we didn't get to see that clip. I could be wrong though .....
  9. Congrats CowKiller!!
  10. Hey Whitebutler, My GPZ 7000 was one of the first ones in the US. At that time we didn't have the Yellow Ground Balancing Ring, nor the new update. I hunted for about 6 months without either and found a bunch of gold and the unit ran smooth. I finally got a Yellow Ferrite Ring and done the update, but didn't notice any difference in performance. Probably worth doing the update and using the Yellow Ground Balancing Ring at some point.
  11. What happened to the screaming deep target though?
  12. Hello All, Recent change to the Minelab GPX 5000's. Now there is a new part number 3300-0420 which gives you both the Minelab 11-inch DD and 15x12 Elliptical Mono Commander Searchcoils in the stock box. You "no longer" get both 11-inch coils. All new purchase will no longer include the 11-inch Commander Mono.
  13. Hello All, Two new coils were just released from Nugget Finder. These are the new Evolution Series coils, 14x9-inch Elliptical Solid and the 15-inch Round Open/spoked. Both coils are $495.00 shipped anywhere in the US. We will have them both on our website ( later this evening or tomorrow. Call us if you're interested in getting one of the first ones as stock is very limited right now. 623.362.1459 Office Line
  14. Hey Auwanderer and all, I have to stick my foot in my mouth, as Chris with Arizona Outback (US Distributor for NF products) just informed me he is sending me a batch of both the new Nugget Finder 14x9 Evolution Solid Elliptical and the new 15-inch Round Spoked Evolution. Here are the pictures. $495.00 Shipped to you within the US I will have them on my site later this evening or tomorrow if you're interested. You can also call us at 623.362.1459