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  1. Hey Tortuga, There was one a few years back on the Octave Mine. They were looking for the "Blue Devil Ghost" if I remember correctly, which was someone associated with the mine back in the early days. I can't recall the entire story, but they came out on site and filmed one of the segments of the show. I seen the vehicles on site and found out later it was them doing the filming. About 20 years ago I remember walking into the main portal of the Octave Mine. I only went in about 100-150 yards and it was too dark to continue without good lighting. There was a large, iron door that was removed or ripped off the main entrance. I heard there are miles and miles of tunnel underneath Weaver Mountain.
  2. Hey Guys, I will share this with you, as Tortuga has expressed interest in digging up an old patch(s). Over the years I have found hundreds of patches from a few nuggets to many hundred. That being said, 95% of them never have been dug up. A few of the better ones in my opinion, which had a lot of nuggets, I tried drywashing a few spots. The results were very minimal and I was pretty discouraged. I'm sure this will not be the case with all of them, but just case you found a patch don't mean you're going to find a bunch of gold by digging it out. There might be more gold, but the amount of digging over a certain square footage might not yield what you expect. My gut feeling is if the patch is in a gully or where it has concentrated for hundreds of years, then you would probably have better results than on a hillside if you dug it out to bedrock. When it doubt, always investigate and get the idea or thought off your mind and move the the next location.
  3. Hello All, This coil was taken in on trade with a detector. This has been a all time favorite of mine for years on the GPX series. The Blitz is using the Litz wire that helps with better performance over prior models. This coil sells new for $350, but asking only $200 shipped. Great coil for anyone with a SD, GP or GPX series. The Blitz coils will get better performance on the GPX series though. Coiltek 14x9 Elliptical Mono Searchcoil, includes skidplate and hardware. Very light use to the coil, almost brand new. Picture below - Email me at - or call me at 623.362.1459.
  4. Hello All, Not too long ago I accepted a trade in for a original SD2100 metal detector. I just wanted the detector, but all the accessories are available for sale. Here are three coils that came with it. They all work fine, just older coils. One is a Minelab 8-inch Round Mono, Minelab 11-inch Round Mono and a Coiltek 14-inch Round Mono. I'm asking $100 + shipping for all three coils. Would rather sell them as a lot then individually if possible. Email me at - or call me at 623.362.1459 Picture below.
  5. Great to hear. Thanks Jen and AuWanderer!
  6. Hey Guys, Years ago there used to be those clamp on "Ferrite" tubes that you clamped around the searchcoil cable. Some swore by them, others like myself never seen a huge difference in EMI or ground balancing. That being said, makes me wonder if this is similar to use a Ferrite tube around the cable?
  7. Rob,


    How much is the used gold screamer power pack?



    1. nuggethunting


      Hey Brent,

        Give me a call at 623.362.1459 this evening.  New ones are $469, I would probably let this one go for $350 shipped.  Over $100 less than new price and free shipping.  Works great, tested it on my GPX 5000 already.

  8. Congrats on the new nugget find!
  9. Hey Guys, Not sure if you seen, but I'm working on a new online store/website which can be seen at my same URL - We still have some work and new products to be added, but a lot of new info and a much more powerful overall site with top of the line security. Once the site is complete (probably 1-2 weeks) we will be starting on the forum and a new format and theme to somewhat match the website. At the same time we will be working on allow more space for pictures hopefully.
  10. Hello Goldfind, I still haven't heard anything despite a large pre-order I have had in place for about 8 months now. Many are excited to get that 19-inch GPZ coil. The moment I hear something I will let everyone know here for sure. P.S. I haven't heard of anyone even in OZ using one yet.
  11. Hello All, Got out early this morning and found 7 small nuggets. I went out Saturday late in the day, found a few dinks, but managed to get up super early and hunt this one location for 2.5 hours. I will post a picture later, just got back. I forgot to charge my batteries, both died on me, reason I'm back so early ..... LOL
  12. Excellent finds Pat Keene. The SDC 2300 is deadly on the bedrock!
  13. Hey Andy, From the picture, looks like the "shoestring eyelites" are metal. I know it said in the description they are 100% metal free. Just curious ....
  14. Hey Guys, A good friend of mine up North contacted me today about a very nice 2.25 ouncer nugget he recently found. He was using the new NF EVO 17x13 inch Elliptical on his GPX and said the piece was at 2 foot deep. This is the biggest nugget he has found to date and was excited he purchased the new NF coil. Be real interesting to hear how guys do this season with the new EVO and Elite Searchcoils on their GPX's. Here is a picture of the nugget. They call the finder, Dave the "Duck!"
  15. Hey Tom, I think you are right. Sure seemed longer then that, but I think you're dead on. I guess I need to at least attend once a year.