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  1. Hey Whitebutler, Well it's always great to hear someone is talking good about you. I have always treated people with the highest amount of respect and consider myself a "straight-shooter." I haven't been up to Rye Patch in years, not sure I could even find a nugget anymore there .... LOL Doc is a great friend, another person with the highest amount of integrity. Looking forward to talking with you.
  2. Hey Tortuga, No videos, but ..... 185 grams Mums the word!
  3. Hello All, It's that time of year the snakes start popping out in numbers. I encountered two snakes in the last week here in the county. One was a small Diamondback Rattlesnake under one of our Hay pallets and another was a huge Bull/Gopher Snake along the side of our house. I have always highly recommended wearing Crackshot's Snake Guardz, Snake Gaitors during the Summer months. Crackshot offers a 100% Guarantee on them as shown in this video below - Anyone hiking, exploring, metal detecting the outdoors during these months I recommend you looking into a pair. They have no metal, so they work great around metal detectors. Anyone interested in pair, we carry them in sizes from Small, Medium, Large, X-Large. We only carry one color, which you can see at our online store here -
  4. Hey Old Tom, I agree with the "bumping or thumping." I had a few bounce off me, including Wasp's, so I know that is a sign you better turn your ass around or walk way around them. I think for the most part (I know this will open a can or worms), most animals and insect "try" to warn you to stay away or else .....
  5. Learning my GPX 5000

    Hey Jrod1101, Hard to beat a Minelab GPX 5000. Some believe with the right coil they outperform a GPZ 7000. You know how those debates can go! Lynx Creek is a very trashy area, as there is rubbish from the original miners all the way up to modern day trash. I have seen a few beauties that were detected in the Lynx Creek area, so they are there. Consider the Roadrunner's Prospecting Club if you join a club here in Arizona. They have the most claims and some pretty decent ones for metal detecting for gold nuggets. Thanks for posting here.
  6. God Bless all the Men and Women that fought for our Freedom, past and present. While we sit here today in "Remembrance" of all the fallen soldiers there are hundreds of thousands of Vets away from their family and friends protecting the great United States. Happy Memorial Day 2016. GOD BLESS YOU ALL
  7. Hey Whitebutler, Sounds great. Look us up when you're ready to purchase one. We would love to do business with you.
  8. Hey Guys, Found this video on Youtube. It's the Keene "King Kong" Drywasher. Looks pretty slick for moving more material in arid, dry desert regions with minimal or no water. Curious if anyone has any thoughts after watching the video below -
  9. Hello All, Here is a very interesting article about the 4th largest Copper Deposit in the World, here in Arizona. The mine is now at 7,000 feet deep and they plan to use a "Block Mining" method, which means mining from the bottom up and allow gravity to work. Read the article and make sure you click on the video -
  10. Hello All, I'm sure many of you have heard of the recent death of a hiker here in Arizona from Africanized bees. The 23 year old man was out hiking and was stung more than 1,000 times. Here is the Arizona Central article - I couldn't tell you how many times out metal detecting I have ran into large hives of bees. I have found them in trees, on the ground, in the rock walls and in mines/prospects. Good friend always said the best method beyond running was using a wide defensive spray to bring them down if you're getting attacked in numbers. He always said when you're out detecting it's going to be hard for the most part to dart 100-200 yards when you have all your gear/metal detector on and the fact most places don't allow to you run that distance straight. Here is a some information on found on a University of Arizona website about bees -
  11. First GPZ gold

    Hey Guys, Great bunch of nuggets you both turned up. Some good character on both groups of gold nuggets. Hope to see more posted in the near future. Wishing you both a bunch of luck.
  12. Hey Jen, Great bunch of guys there on the video. I think Kevin has really helped the GPAA get the buzz back out there. I think for awhile the GPAA didn't know what direction they were heading, but I believe they are back on track now. I think the "Gold Trails" shows have helped get the word back out about the GPAA. The Roadrunner's is also a great local club in Arizona and Highly recommended. Make sure you recommend me, I will get a nugget! LOL
  13. What to do???

    Hey Whitewater, Maybe showing the owner of the property the video's and have him take it up with the "poachers/high-graders" and let them know the next time they are caught the video(s) will be taken to the nearest law enforcement. Maybe the "poachers" watch the forums and will see that they have been caught on camera!
  14. Hello All, I know there was a question on what units (detectors) the B&Z Booster can be used with. This is straight off of Jonathan Porter's site - Hope this helps a bit. I have sold them to customers that are using pretty much any detector that has that 1/4 headphone jack. I haven't heard any complaints yet all all the units I have sold working on VLF, PI and now GPZ's. If anyone has any feedback, please post it here so we all can hear about it. The B&Z Booster's can be purchased here if anyone is looking for one -
  15. Hello All, We have a lot of stuff that will be happening very soon. I'm asking anyone that is interested to Subscribe to our long running Youtube Channel to make sure you're always getting to see the newest videos. We haven't done any videos in some time, but more are coming soon. Our Nuggethunting Youtube Channel URL is - Click "Subscribe" when you're on our video page. This is one of the last Youtube Videos we uploaded, but promise more are on the way -