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  1. Rob,

    Myself and a few friends will be in the Vegas area the week before the Minelab conference and want to go to Gold Basin to do some detecting. Doc emailed me a map but I was wondering if you had a source for a full size map I could buy. We need some directions on where to go. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


    Keith Magnuson

  2. Hey Matt, Thanks for sharing the gold finds. Those are some beautiful pieces of gold. Wishing you many more patches and Happy Holidays!
  3. Hey Guys, Thanks for the comments. To date in that single patch I have found just over 60 Grams of gold that I missed with the GPX. I know it's hard to believe, but I pounded this place to the point you had to scratch, roll rocks or dig to find a nugget left behind. I'm going to return to this spot with the new 19-inch GPZ coil. Uncle Ron - We need to get a GPZ over some of your ground, 75-25% split? AuWanderer - Thanks Bud!
  4. Hey JP, Ya, running a business is not easy, especially when you work full time and have kids. I think we both are in the same boat. I agree, it was Minelab that contacted me, so I think the "Minelab Police" caught me!
  5. Hey Tortuga, When you going to post your recent ones? Congrats.
  6. Hey Matt, Not sure it was the same mine, as it's not owned by a Lady to my knowledge. The owner, and previous owner were both Men. We were up that way several years ago just for a day to check out the mine and head back home.
  7. Hey Guys, I was getting a bit rusty letting the Minelab GPZ 7000 sit around here, so figured it was time to knock off the dust and get back into the field with it. I figured I would just return to somewhere easy to get my body use to the GPZ once again. After about 4 hours of crawling around with the GPZ, I snagged these 7 nuggets. Not a whole lot of weight, but some great character in them. Total weight of all the nuggets was 3 Grams. Biggest is a Gram.
  8. Hey JP, Thanks for the reply. Just a FYI, I was asked "not to copy/paste" your information onto my forum. I apologize and hope you don't think I'm stealing the information, but thought it would be very helpful and informative here. You have always been a very honest and helpful person, so the majority of us value your shared information. Would love for your to contribute here if you ever have time. Hope all is well you and the family.
  9. Hello All, Just want to thank the ones that called and got some great deals on products. We will also be running a special for Cyber Monday, a few days away. That being said, for the guys still on the fence, the phone line is opne for another hour!!
  10. Hey Wes, Yep, that was the mine! My partner and I were fortunate enough to get the grand tour several years back from the owners and geologist. It was a full day worth, exploring the tunnels and listening to the mine geologist show us places were the nuggets in the picture were found. The maps we got to see, dating back to mid 1800's were worth the entire trip. The mine has been mapped dozens of times. Seeing some of the gold was also a bonus!! I have a lot of pictures, but was asked not to share them, so I have to respect the mine owners request.
  11. Hello All, Here is a report on the new NF 17x13 EVO Searchcoil from AuWanderer - And this -
  12. Hello All, We are offering some great Black Friday deals, but you must call us to learn about them. If you don't get us directly, leave a detailed message and we will get back with you tonight. 623.362.1459 ask for Rob or Dawn Thanks!
  13. Hey AuWanderer, Excellent report and congrats with the new NF searchcoil.
  14. Hello All, Just want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving 2016 today! Hope you're able to spend time with family and friends. God Bless all the troops away from their families during the Holidays. Wishing you all health, wellness and a few nuggets in the poke.