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  1. Crystaline nuggets have "specimen value" that could be 2-3x spot price depending on size and quality. The problem is that only nugget collectors will pay these higher prices. You need to already know a collector or need to market the nuggets to a group of them in order to get the higher prices. Also, since gold is so high right now there are less collectors willing to do this. I would divide up the crystal nuggets evenly if you want a fair split and then each person can sell the nuggets however they choose. -Don
  2. The writing style looks familiar. O.W.T. ???
  3. What size is this new coil? Pictures? -Don
  4. I would switch hosting companies immediately. The forum is running horribly slow right now. Your hosting company is killing your website traffic and I have noticed a huge reduction in forum member postings. -Don
  5. Hello Woody, I was out this weekend prospecting with your modified SD2100V2 in the large gold setting. Then I switched to go over the same ground with the GPX-4500 in Enhance. (This was on a patch that I have hit hard in the past with the GPX-4500.) I didn't find any gold with either machine but both handled the high mineralization & hot rocks very well. There was a small shredded 22 caliber slug I missed with the SD2100V2. It was an audible signal on the SD2100V2 but the signal to noise ratio is better on the GPX-4500 so this is the machine I found it with. The SD2100V2 takes some getting used to with its noisier threshold...the GPX-4500 is more refined. You have to pay attention more on the SD2100V2 while the GPX-4500 you can relax and feel less fatigue in long detecting sessions. Best Regards, Don
  6. I know that the Minelab service department can fib on the repairs being done correctly. I think they need to look at their staff and get procedures in place so they don't make customers angry sending back machines with problems over and over again. At the same time, I am sure there are some people trying to get something for free....a new GPX detector for their old unit. That is easily handled, Minelab just needs to draw the line and say NO to those unreasonable requests. Every business has to deal with unreasonable customers from time to time. They are out there! Best Regards, Don
  7. Hello AzNuggetBob, I have wondered about increasing the voltage on the SD2100. Do you think going from the pocket rocket's 7.3V to a different regulator at 8V would make much difference in depth? Ismael made an adjustable regulator in the past but no longer offers it. He will provide the schematic if somebody wants to build one. -Don
  8. Hello Goldstudmuffin, It normally takes Woody 2 weeks to complete the mods but call him to make sure he is not booked up. FYI: If you have the older green SD2100D then the hot rock reject mod does work. That was the problem for me with that hot rock reject switch. I have the newer SD2100V2. In the older unit there are dormant pulse timings in the software that can be activated that don't exist in the V2. Woody was able to make the old D model ignore almost 100% of the nastiest hot rocks but it didn't work on the V2 because the software was rewritten on that newer model. He did a hardware switch version instead for my V2 but it didn't work so well. I usually leave it turned off. Here is a video of this mod on Youtube for the SD2100D. (These are ironstone & basalt hot rocks that would cause a signal even in Enhance timings on the GPX-4500) -Don
  9. A GPX-4500 in Normal will go deep but I have major problems with mineralization in that timing. Many hot rocks scream like targets....drives me crazy. All my gold found with the GPX-4500 has been less than 2 feet as well. I have dug some trash and old pick heads at greater depths. I think the reason the modded SD's go for cheap on ebay is they don't live up to the hype. If I was to believe the hype the modded SD would blow away the GPX-4500. It is simply not true. There are variations on the mods too so you don't know what has been done to those units on ebay. Some mods are duds. -Don
  10. Hello Goldstudmuffin, Yes, his website is (Please contact him for pricing) He doesn't raise the voltage but my pocket rocket does at 7.3V. You also need the AMP on these machines. Woody did do some other things to the SD2100V2 as well. He added some anti-interference circuitry to quiet it down. Ground balance in channel 2 needs a new resistor in order to ground balance in timing 1. There is a hot rock reject switch added but that doesn't have much effect. (Maybe 5% reduction...I would skip that one) If hot rocks are really bad timing 2 and 3 already ignore most hot rocks. If you get Woody's mods make sure you use a mono coils for good performance. The DD Coils lose too much and are not impressive on this modified SD2100V2 machine. When I first got the machine back I wasn't happy because I tested it with DD coils. With DD coils it will not beat the GPX-4500 in any timing even on large targets. I don't know why this is but it is what I found. Using the 11" DD coil I was getting about an extra 2" with the GPX-4500 in normal timings vs. the SD2100V2 in timing 3 for large targets. With the Mono coil the SD2100V2 matched and even beat the GPX-4500 on large targets. I think this is because the DD coil loses sensitivity and the GPX-4500 is better on those really faint signals. (signal to noise ratio???) I think most people are happy with Woody's mods. Sometimes they are hyped too much but if you keep your expectations realistic you can get close to cutting edge performance out of these older models. (or beyond cutting edge in specialized situations like hunting large targets) Best Regards, Don
  11. I tested a Woody modified SD2100V2 against my GPX-4500. Woody adds 3 new timings on the SD2100V2. Timing 1.) 30% faster than original timing. Timing 2.) 10% faster than original timing. Timing 3.) 40% slower than original timing. For small gold targets: The first two timings give improved depth on small gold with timing 1 being the best on small targets. In timing 1, I can get almost the same depth (in air) as the GPX-4500 running in Enhance on a 0.40 gram nugget for example. For big gold targets: (ounces) GPX-4500 in Sensitive Extra.....The Modified SD2100V2 beats it in all timings. GPX-4500 in Enhance.....The Modified SD2100V2 almost matches it in Timing 1 & 2 and beats it in Timing 3 but the gold better be large. GPX-4500 in Normal.......The Modified SD2100V2 only matches it in timing 3 but gets beat on timing 1 & 2. Now, keep in mind that these are AIR tests. (With Mono coils as the stock 11" DD coil didn't produce the same results) The GPX-4500 is less noisy on mineralized ground which is great for hunting small & medium pieces of gold. The SD2100V2 is more fatiguing to listen to especially when running timing 1 with hot rocks. Timing 2 ignores hot rocks almost as well as the GPX-4500 but loses the smaller gold targets. Timing 3 almost completely ignores hot rocks/mineralization and goes about as deep as normal timings on large targets. If you were always hunting big targets then timing 3 on the SD2100V2 would be superior because normal timings on the GPX-4500 can't handle high mineralization well. Timing 3 might even go deeper than normal timings but I haven't tested it on gigantic nuggets. I don't have any of those to test. Conclusion, the GPX-4500 is a more pleasurable to use general purpose machine. It is superior when looking for small & medium targets. The modified SD2100V2 about matches the GPX-4500 on medium targets and matches or beats on larger targets (ounces) but is not quite as stable. (but close on the newer V2 machines) Really, I think detecting is about time management. If you are walking around with a machine that hears all the small, medium, and large pieces of gold you will spend your day digging those small, medium, and large targets. If you walk around with a machine that hears only the larger targets you will spend your day digging only the bigger ones. (leaving the dinks for Rob) Given a choice I would choose the GPX-4500 running in Enhance in my area most of the time but feel I would find 100% of the medium & larger GPX-4500 targets using the modified SD2100V2 in timing 2. Timing 3 is reserved for special occasions because as we all know huge nuggets are not very common in the USA. (at least for me) I am going to try to use my SD2100V2 (which has been my backup machine) a little more from now on to see what happens. Recently, I buried a flat medium sized 6 gram nugget in some extremely mineralized gravel and the SD2100V2 (timing 2) and GPX-4500 both heard the nugget just fine at depth. (FYI: I am using a Goldscreamer Amp, Pocket Rocket, Black Widow headphones, and the machine has been modded on the SD2100V2. The mono coils used during testing were the 12" Round & 14x9" Advantage coils and the Goldstalker 14x9" coil.) Best Regards, Don
  12. Hello Rob, Do you know if this applies to the newer SD2100V2 or just the older SD2100 units? Best Regards, Don
  13. The problem with this particular article is the date April 1st. So, it is probably an April fools joke. -Don
  14. I have similar terrain in Washington State just below you. I owned the 16" and 18" Round Nugget Finders and sold them. The terrain is too rough to swing those large coils and on hillsides they pick up a lot of EMI. In Australia I see JP swinging those large coils but his ground is flat and level from what I see in the videos. Now, I stick with 14" Round coils or less. Right now my most used coil is the 14" Elliptical Goldstalker mono coil. Best Regards, Don
  15. The Obama Gun ban list has been released. Unconstitutional as heck but that doesn't stop them even though they swore an oath to it. -Don