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  1. This detector has now been sold. (pending payment) -Don
  2. I am lowering the price to $6,500 including Free Ground Shipping. -Don
  3. I have a very lightly used GPZ 7000 for sale with a few extra items included.This detector is in perfect condition and runs extremely smooth. I am the original owner and would use it at a Sensitivity of 20.It was purchased from Arizona Outback in June of 2016 in a brand new sealed original Minelab box.This unit includes 3 extras in addition to what is included in the original box.Extra Lithium Battery ($195 Value, Total of 2 Batteries)Extra Ferrite Core ($20 Value, Total of 2 Ferrite Cores)Doc's Cover ($130 Value)Price is $6,500 including Free Shipping in the USA. (GROUND)Best Regards,Don Newell(located in Washington State if picking up)Phone: 206-755-8927Email:
  4. I have a used Fisher F19 Detector for Sale. As expected, it has some minor scratches from use but in great condition. This unit is one of the good units that does not lack depth. (It air tests correctly) Great for coins and gold nuggets! Price $385 including Ground Shipping. Best Regards,Don Newell(206) 755-8927 (cell) in Washington State if picking up in person)
  5. Price Dropped to $1,000 including Free Shipping. Thanks, Don
  6. This coil has been sold pending payment. Thanks, Don
  7. I have a new Gold Racer GR19 Search Coil for sale. (7.5" x 4" DD Coil)I have tested it and it works great. This coil will work on the Gold Racer or AU Gold Finder detectors.Price: $60 including Free USPS Shipping.Please email or call if interested.Best Regards,Don Newell(206) 755-8927 (cell) in Washington State if picking up in person)
  8. I have a used Minelab SD2100V2 detector for sale that works perfectly.This unit runs smoother and is more sensitive than other SD2100's I have used in the past.The unit also includes:Doc's Gold Screamer Power pack with 2 Lithium Ion Batteries & charger.Control Box CoverExternal Speaker for use without headphones11" Round Minelab Commander Mono Coil.11" Round Stock Minelab DD Coil.Price: $1,000 including FREE Ground Shipping (in the USA only)Please call or email me if interested.Best Regards,Don Newell(206) 755-8927 (cell) in Washington State if picking up in person)
  9. Having used both machines side by side, the GPZ will hit deeper on small nuggets (under 2 grams) and specimen gold. This is using Difficult timings as Normal timings see way too much ground noise in my location. If I could run in Normal timings then the GPZ would be deeper over the GPX on larger nuggets as well. The GPX has a lot less ground noise to make nugget signals stand out in hot ground while on the GPZ signals blend in a little too much for my liking. (I have been using the 12" Round EVO on the GPX, Fine Gold or Enhance timings for hot ground.) I feel the GPZ needs another ground balance upgrade, those ground noises are a problem for my hearing. The GPZ also needs a small coil. I don't know what the problem is at Minelab in releasing more coils. My opinion if money is no object: If you have mild to medium open ground and specimen gold, the GPZ is better. If you have hot mineralized ground or rough terrain with solid nuggets, the GPX is better. -Don
  10. Crystaline nuggets have "specimen value" that could be 2-3x spot price depending on size and quality. The problem is that only nugget collectors will pay these higher prices. You need to already know a collector or need to market the nuggets to a group of them in order to get the higher prices. Also, since gold is so high right now there are less collectors willing to do this. I would divide up the crystal nuggets evenly if you want a fair split and then each person can sell the nuggets however they choose. -Don
  11. The writing style looks familiar. O.W.T. ???
  12. What size is this new coil? Pictures? -Don
  13. I would switch hosting companies immediately. The forum is running horribly slow right now. Your hosting company is killing your website traffic and I have noticed a huge reduction in forum member postings. -Don
  14. Hello Woody, I was out this weekend prospecting with your modified SD2100V2 in the large gold setting. Then I switched to go over the same ground with the GPX-4500 in Enhance. (This was on a patch that I have hit hard in the past with the GPX-4500.) I didn't find any gold with either machine but both handled the high mineralization & hot rocks very well. There was a small shredded 22 caliber slug I missed with the SD2100V2. It was an audible signal on the SD2100V2 but the signal to noise ratio is better on the GPX-4500 so this is the machine I found it with. The SD2100V2 takes some getting used to with its noisier threshold...the GPX-4500 is more refined. You have to pay attention more on the SD2100V2 while the GPX-4500 you can relax and feel less fatigue in long detecting sessions. Best Regards, Don
  15. I know that the Minelab service department can fib on the repairs being done correctly. I think they need to look at their staff and get procedures in place so they don't make customers angry sending back machines with problems over and over again. At the same time, I am sure there are some people trying to get something for free....a new GPX detector for their old unit. That is easily handled, Minelab just needs to draw the line and say NO to those unreasonable requests. Every business has to deal with unreasonable customers from time to time. They are out there! Best Regards, Don