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  1. Not too bad

    Yup!!! That is way cool!!
  2. That is a nice nugget!!
  3. What is it?

    Adam has a good point. Could it be covered in nasty looking mercury. Try heating it with a torch in the outdoors.
  4. What is it?

    I think it's gold, try cutting a little window in it.
  5. no rain today time for more gold

    Wtf!! Awesome man! Great amount of gold.
  6. New Coil Finds

    Good times!! Seems like a awesome coil.
  7. That buckle is awesome, looks hand made.
  8. Patented property would be awesome!!! No silly blm regs.
  9. Went to cold basin which is close to gold basin and got my first skunk of the year. Probably hit 25 remote washes..
  10. First detecting this year

    Wow they moved some rocks!! Absolutely awesome, as well as the yellow treasure.