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  1. I hit a wash in the vulture mountains. Recently went back and found 4 more. It also knocked the 151 motor I was using off the bank. Washed it down steam a few hundred yards. Not sure if it's savable.
  2. Sounds like a fun trip cowkiller.
  3. Home run bro!! Stupid summer stopped you from having a one oz day.
  4. I'll second that motion...
  5. Dude!!! Woweee
  6. Impressive once again.
  7. Those are small for a 14inch coil
  8. Yup!!! That is way cool!!
  9. Excellent!!!
  10. That is a nice nugget!!
  11. Adam has a good point. Could it be covered in nasty looking mercury. Try heating it with a torch in the outdoors.
  12. I think it's gold, try cutting a little window in it.